Window Wells

Window Wells/Grading

Many drainage problems are related to negative or improper grading. Every home or building should have the proper grade around the dwelling to allow for surface waters to be directed to a storm sewer or other collection point so not to create a water problem for the property or dwelling.

















In order to achieve the proper grade away from a home, window wells or window well risers, may need to be installed. Window wells are installed where windows are below grade or will be below grade once the proper slope is achieved. A window well is a curved metal or vinyl insert used to isolate basement windows from moisture if they are below grade. Window wells should be sealed and anchored to the foundation.  Additionally, plastic covers can be placed over the window wells to minimize rainwater and debris from entering the well. Even when no window wells are necessary it is important to maintain proper grade around your house.  It is not unusual for land to change over time as the ground settles around a house, landscape plans change, shrubs and trees mature, soil erodes, this causes changes in the drainage pattern of ones yard.   Maintaining the proper grade adjacent to the foundation is extremely important and will help prevent moisture.