Video Inspection

Video Inspections

A video camera inspection is performed to identify problems such as breaks, root intrusion, blockages, “bellies”, and offset joints inside plumbing and drainage pipes.  A video camera used for pipe inspection has a high-resolution camera head connected to a flexible rod that is inserted into a pipe and pushed down the line to identify any existing or potential problems.  The head transmits a picture back to a TV screen where any problems can be identified and video recorded if necessary.  By video inspecting a line all the guesswork is removed because the condition of the pipe can be verified visually.  We have years of experience video inspecting and locating problems with sanitary and storm sewers with a great deal of accuracy.

Realtors, Home Inspectors, & Home Buyers

We all know how important having a whole home inspection is before purchasing a new home.  Achieve a true whole home inspection by adding video inspection of your potential new home’s sewer and/or downspouts to check for problems such as breaks, roots, and blockages.  A damaged sanitary sewer or downspout lines can cost thousands of dollars to repair and can ruin the pleasure of moving into a new home.

Before & After Video Inspections

We Find & Fix Them All!

Don’t be lured in by sales gimmicks or the special of the week by large plumbing companies.  We offer a complete cleaning service that includes rodding and/or jetting and then video inspection of your sewer line.  We don’t just rod a small hole in your clogged sewer and leave for an advertised low price.  We will cut the roots out as big as your access point will allow or remove a blockage and then pin point the problem areas, mark them above ground, give you a depth of the sewer line, and a video inspection report at your request.  In many cases your sewer can be rodded and treated annually or semi-annually to avoid a costly sewer repair.